Suzanne Vaughan

About ME

Suzanne has always been a highly driven and passionate creative, showing an aptitude for the arts from a very young age. Growing up in New Zealand she absorbed and appreciated the intense vibrancy of the landscape, paying close attention to textures, shapes, horizons, and colors. She began her exploration with acrylic painting in 2004, (even if somewhat reluctantly after insisting that “she didn’t know how to paint”) and after overcoming her initial reticence, she quickly realized that it was the perfect conduit for her creative desire. It rekindled an early memory of wanting to create large vibrant paintings, and paint, just like her grandma had done when she was a child.

After relocating to America in 2008, this desire was amplified. She embraced the shift to oil painting and began creating larger works that radiated positive energy and vibrancy. Her first cohesive body of work was the intensely dynamic Portal Series, produced in 2013. This was followed by the Colorscape and Infusion Series, all showing her characteristic bold use of color radiating with a luminous glow. Most recently her Shimmer Series has expanded to incorporate a fresh bright palette in a modern minimalist style.    

Her painting process involves an energetic, flowing, and rhythmic application of paint in abstract expressionist style. Her oil paintings are created with the action painting technique utilized by Jackson Pollock, where numerous layers of pigments and glazes are applied to a canvas laid on the floor. Flicks, drips and brushstrokes of paint are rhythmically overlaid, suspended in a luminous glow. With multiple applications, each layer interacts with the previous, building a surface with a complex visual texture suggestive of natural organic elements.